Me and My Fridge – Sandwiches from around the world

Who thought sandwiches could be so interesting? Laura did. In 2015, she started a food blog called Me and My Fridge (@meandmyfridgeblog). We caught up with her to find out how it all began and what continues to keep her inspired as she takes the humble sandwich to greater heights.

How did it all begin?

It all began last summer in Vietnam when I discovered the Bánh Mì.


A group of travellers that I met recommended it to me. I was not disappointed when I arrived at the village, shocked even that Vietnam had a national sandwich. It was delicious! I said then and there to my friends, I’m going to create a food blog about sandwiches when I get home. It didn’t sound crazy to me at all. I’ve always loved sandwiches. You know the whole, ‘if you were on a desert island and you could only live off one thing what would it be?’ My answer has always been, yep, you guessed it right… sandwiches.

Sandwiches, really?

It’s more than just ham and cheese. I love the idea that I get to explore and have fun making sandwiches from around the globe that I can share with other people.

What’s the secret to a perfect sandwich?

Fresh bread.
A filling that’s the right balance between taste and texture.

How do you decide what to do next?

Lots of research on Pinterest. I’ve also started to look at national holidays and festivals around the world. My posts are then timelier. Otherwise to be honest, it’s often my mood and taste buds that drive it.

Which sandwich has been the most fun to make?

Coronation chicken, simply because it’s a childhood favourite and I just love the combination of sweet and savoury.


In terms of new ones that I’ve discovered, it’s got to be the fig, goats cheese and honey sandwich. Totally indulgent and I love the basil surprise.


What keeps you inspired?

The constant discovery of new and exciting food out there. Every week there’s a new restaurant opening in London, chefs are continuously turning recipes on their heads and coming out with new things.

What’s the dream?

A world sandwich van! I can see it now at festivals.

I actually laid on a spread this year for my mum’s birthday and I’m set to do another afternoon tea party for a group of friends over Christmas. I guess if I start to get recommendations, who knows…

What food spot are you raving about right now?

Ooo that’s hard as there are so many but I’d have to say Patty and Bun – hands down the best burger in London, so juicy!

pattyandbunPhoto by @pattyandbun

Also, Lebab, not sure if you’ve been there but they just turn the kebab on its head. You have to try it.

le-babPhoto by @eatlebab

Who is top of your followers list right now?

@thecheesetruck you can also find them stationed at Maltby Street Market. They make the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. I feel hungry every time I look at their insta page.


cheese-truck-outsidePhotos by @thecheesetruck

If you’d like to find out what else is out there beyond the classic ham and cheese sandwich then get inspired by following Laura’s blog @meandmyfridgeblog and whilst you’re there, why not even give one of her recipes a go. Go on… you know you want to…

Laura Harvey
Serious about sandwiches!

Instagram: @meandmyfridgeblog


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