Original Flava – Caribbean food made easy

Founded by brothers Shaun and Craig from London, and of Jamaican descent, Caradise ‘Original Flava’ started in March 2016, creating easy step-by-step Caribbean food recipe videos online. Their videos went viral and their online following hit 70,000+ in one month.


How did Original Flava begin?

It all started with our passion for Caribbean food. Our mother and grandmother were always in the kitchen. They would make us help them so we learnt many of the recipes.

Craig did a project at university on Caribbean beverages and I’ve (Shaun) always been a great cook.

We would always bring our food into work and get positive comments from colleagues about the satisfying aromas of our jerk chicken and curry goat lunches. They were always fascinated about how to make it. We came together and said to each other “why not show people how to make these dishes online?” We invested in a quality camera and starting making videos – the rest as they say is history!


What’s the inspiration?

Our mother and grandmother –  growing up and learning their recipes have contributed to our passion.

Levi Roots – his consistency over the past 10 years and making Caribbean food known worldwide.

Joe Wicks (Lean in 15) – he is young and full of energy and shows good personality with his cooking.

How do you decide what to do next?

We get feedback from our followers by asking them what they would like to see.

We can’t get enough of your videos, are there any recipes that you love to revisit time and time again?

The saltfish fritters

and Beef Patties as there are so many variations of fillings like chickpea, lamb or chicken.

What do you enjoy eating most at Christmas?

Turkey, curry goat, rice and peas, gammon. There are too many to mention!

Are there any restaurants you’re excited about right now?

Hawksmoor – A British steakhouse and cocktail bar. Slightly pricey but great food.

Photo taken from @hawksmoorrestaurants

Rum kitchen – A few branches around London. We like the Brixton one.

rumkitchenPhoto take from @therumkitchen

Have there been any incredible/funny stories since starting Original Flava?

We’ve had a guy from America thanking us for helping him remember his mother who recently passed away. He said our recipes reminded him of his mother’s cooking. He cooks all our recipes and he says his mum would be proud.

Also, a funny moment was when we received numerous messages from a lady in Jamaica asking us to send her some salt fish fritters for her family. We explained to her that we couldn’t because by the time it got there it would be stale. She still messages us till this day asking.

If you’d like to learn more about Original Flava and try out some of Shaun & Craig’s mouth-watering recipes, you can find them at



Craig & Shaun
Founders of Caradise ‘Original Flava’
A Food & Lifestyle platform that brings recipes on Caribbean food made easy, the latest news and trending topics on all things inspired from Caribbean Culture.


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