Taste of authentic crêpes by Les Deux Amies

As well as great crêpes, Les Deux Amies is above all the story of a friendship. Caroline and Adeline came from France to London with the goal to create French speciality food by mixing locally sourced ingredients from Britain and the French savoir-faire.


Sweet or savoury? How do you like yours? We had the pleasure of interviewing Les Deux Amies to find out more about their journey and what you can expect when visiting their crêpe bar.

So tell us, why crêpes?

Both of our jobs weren’t fulfilling our needs anymore and the idea of opening our own business came naturally to us. For Caroline opening a crêperie was a childhood dream and running a business is something Adeline always wanted to do.


It sounds like a match made in heaven but how did you get started?

We knew that we wanted to offer a staple of French cuisine and the idea of crêpes came as we saw an opportunity in the London market. Based on our previous experiences abroad we noticed a real lack of places to find authentic french crêpes so in July 2014, Les Deux Amies was born. We started as a catering company by cooking for private events such as weddings, birthdays parties etc… You could also have found us in several markets and festivals like Winterville, Field Day and Old Street market – to name a few.

What made you choose Boxpark Croydon as the location for your crêperie?

Boxpark Croydon has 34 traders selling only food and drinks and we loved how it attracts such a diverse crowd. Croydon is currently undergoing an enormous transformation. It’s becoming a booming area where there are a lot of constructions and expansions – many of which are for companies to settle. It’s becoming a lot more dynamic!

We saw the potential of this area and being a part of a group of independent businesses was a real opportunity for us. Being in the Boxpark means that we benefit from their brand and marketing which helps us to reach more people.

We just fit right in since crêpes are good for everyone – you are never too young or too old for one!

Tell us more about the crêpe bar, how does it work?

We offer a unique experience as we are the first and unique Crêpe Bar in London. The new menu is one of our distinguishing features.

More than being a French symbol, crêpes give a free rein to creativity and the freedom to explore ideas. We bet you can create a new combination everyday!

The rules are simple:

  1. Choose the base: buckwheat (naturally gluten free) or white flour
  2. Add as many toppings as you want: there are over 40 to choose from – some are homemade and the rest have been carefully chosen by us

Our crêpes start from £3 which allows our customers to create the perfect crêpe for both their appetite and their wallet.

We see you have started producing the mixture for your crêpes. What’s the secret to creating a smooth crêpe?

Unfortunately the recipe is a secret but if there is one thing we can tell is that we put a lot of love in it!

We’re a bit boring so we always get the classic – simple sugar and lemon crepe. What’s your most popular crêpe?

In almost three years some of our combos have become a definite go-to:

  • Among the savoury ones you will find the Ham/Cheese/Egg and the Avocado/ Halloumi/Chicken/Sriracha.
Capture d_écran 2017-05-09 à 10.10.28
Avocado/ Halloumi/Chicken/Sriracha
  • The most popular sweet ones are definitely the Banana/Nutella one, the Salted Caramel/Nutella/Cookies and the Sugar/Lemon.
Capture d’écran 2017-06-29 à 11.01.18.png
Salted Caramel/Nutella/Cookies

What’s been the craziest crêpe you’ve ever made?

Nutella, unicorn poo, marshmallows, salted caramel, whipped cream, oreo and ice cream on the side!

Wow, that sounds very sweet! What’s next for Les Deux Amies?

We keep learning everyday and improving ourselves by creating and offering novelties as well as bringing freshness to the shop all year round. Now that we feel more confident about the position of our business on the market, we seized the opportunity to open a second shop! Les Deux Amies will now be at the Boxpark Shoreditch, East London too. We are so excited for this new project and the idea to meet a new friends in East London. We want to bring the same vibes in Shoreditch that we do in Croydon.


If you’d like to be part of Adeline’s and Caroline’s journey, then follow them @lesdeuxamiescrepes or why not pop down to either Boxpark and try out the crêpe bar for yourself!


We’re launching a competition with Les Deux Amies on our Instagram page @Croydonfoodies for you and a friend to treat yo’selves to a delicious crêpe, so be sure to look out for it this week. For your chance to win simply:

1. Follow us on Instagram
2. Tag a friend who you’d love to treat

Prize draw will close on Sunday 16th July 2017. Winner will be selected at random. The lucky winner will have until the 31st August 2017 to claim their prize. You’ll receive 2 crêpes either a savoury or sweet with your choice of 3 toppings. The prize can be claimed from either site – Croydon or Shoreditch.

Good luck!



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