Modern fine dining at Yumn Brasserie

Nestled in South Croydon’s restaurant quarter, Yumn Brasserie is a stunning restaurant serving up the best in modern fine dining. It’s the perfect spot for a celebratory meal, date night or just catching up with friends.

We caught up with Fahad, General Manager at Yumn Brasserie to find out more about the restaurant and its future plans.

How did it get started?

My family and I enjoy eating out and trying new experiences. We are Muslim so we only have Halal food and were always struggling to find good restaurants in London where the food was not only tasty and of good quality but where the service and decor was good too.

We wanted to build a brand and implement something new to Croydon where you have everything in one location.

What do you think sets you apart from other restaurants in Croydon?

First of all, I’d say the decor is stunning. I’m not sure if I have seen many other restaurants this well designed – there is nothing like it in Croydon. Secondly, our attention to detail. Thirdly, the way we treat the guests from the start of the experience till the end. We want to offer the ultimate dining experience.

Interior 2.PNG

It’s all about keeping an eye on our guests by being there but not being there.

What should people expect when visiting Yumn Brasserie?

When people come here we want them to have an experience from the moment we open the door.

Everything is fresh, nothing is frozen. We take our time in sourcing quality ingredients. All the meat is dry-aged meat. The fish comes in daily and the lobsters live. The ingredients in our beverages are all premium brands also. All this is reflected in the taste of the products we serve.

You can also be found in Boxpark, can you tell us more about that?

This restaurant has been opened for almost 3 years now and is going well so we thought we could try Boxpark which is a growing concept. Croydon is on the up as well – there are many new offices and flats that are being opened nearby and we aim to target them. Boxpark is an ideal platform with the perfect location –a great formula. The aim is to continue to build our brand.

What’s your favourite thing to eat off the menu?

I love a steak, the ‘Jospar Grill’.

Jospar Grill

There’s only a few in London – it’s a Spanish grill – it keeps all the flavours in whilst retaining the moisture.  It’s usually at the front of the restaurant as it’s a show piece. Unfortunately, we can’t do it here so it’s in the kitchen.

What’s the people’s dish?

Definitely the Mixed Grill.

Mixed grill.PNG

What’s the future for Yumn Brasserie?

We’ll be opening up a cocktail lounge just before Christmas where people can have a drink before having their meal as well take advantage of a happy hour.

gin infused.PNG
Infused Gin – blueberry and pomegranate with a mix of elderflower tonic.

What are the best drinks off your menu?

Non-alcoholic: Virgin lychee martini mocktail. That’s fresh lychees, lychee puree, coconut water and ice blended.

Alcoholic: Old fashioned. Peel is smoked, the wood chips are smoked, you can smell the smokiness in the entire restaurant and it’s finished off with an ice ball.

So much effort goes into it, do people notice that?

Customers always say that it feels like central London in this place. People don’t expect the level of quality or attention to detail that places have in London. They are shocked. I’m really proud of the staff. We work really well as a team. We do weekly front of house training with the head waiter Daniel.

What else happens at Yumn Brasserie that people may not know?

  • We have a private dining room that can be hired. It’s very cosy and great for family events.
  • We also do afternoon tea. We don’t do it that often but when we do do it, everything is fresh, all the scones and pastries as well as the sandwiches.
  • We also do a Sunday brunch, a 4 course menu for under £25. That includes a soup of the day, a self-service buffet, desserts and tea and coffee. It retains the same quality and service as we offer during the week.

Sunday brunch

For all of us that love something sweet, what is a must-have off the dessert menu?

The chocolate stack! It’s like a Chocolate Ganache, layers of cream and chocolate moulded into a ball, raspberry sorbet on the side and lastly for some theatre, we pour hot chocolate sauce on top and the stack melts open. Every time we describe that to the guests, very few say no.

Finally, what are you most proud of?

The way we have maintained our quality of product, service and cleanliness over the years. Its not easy to run a restaurant – a lot of effort has gone into keeping this restaurant feeling and looking the way it does. Secondly, the drinks when they are being served they look fantastic. The garnishes are chosen with flair and creativity and this results in a great looking cocktail which tastes fabulous!


If you’d like to experience Yumn Brasserie visit or check out their Instagram page here.

Fancy a chance to win a meal for you and a friend? Head over to our Instagram to find out how @croydonfoodies.


We’re running a competition for you and a friend to experience Yumn Brasserie. The competition will launch on Sunday 10th September and will close on Sunday 17th September. Winner will be selected at random. The lucky winner will have until the Dec 22nd 2017 to claim their prize. You’ll receive a main course meal and a drink of your choice. The prize can be claimed from either restaurant site – Yumn Brasserie Box Park or Yumn Brasserie South Croydon Restaurant Quarter. Good luck!









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