Fuel your life’s adventures with Oatopia

Fuel your day the right way with oats to avoid that mid-morning slump. Oats are the perfect slow release energy however can be boring. This is until we discovered Oatopia!

Check out our interview with Sophie, Co-founder of Oatopia, a family affair with a mission to naturally fuel life’s adventures. She tells us how they got started, the different types of energising food they offer and how they can help you fuel up for your day whether that’s for the 9-5, your pre- or post- workout or for any other of life’s adventures. Oatopia’s got you covered.

Why Oats and why Oatopia?

Oatopia started out of a love for sport and healthy food.

My family is really sporty. I used to be a triathelete and so is my mum. My dad and my sister are really involved in sport too.  My mum and I used to compete internationally in triathlons, and last year I competed for DROPS road cycling team, my sister is a kite surfer and dad a cyclist too. We were going to all of these sport events and not failing to find the healthy food we wanted to eat.

We decided to do something about that, so we started catering at sport events from a converted trailer as the ‘Oat Hut’. That was for the first couple of years. We went and tried the festival market too which proved to be really successful. Soon after, we rebranded to ‘Oatopia’. Today, we run a mobile catering business and can be found at Croydon Boxpark.


Breakfast…the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast is important of course and porridge is perfect!

It’s a slow release of energy and low in fat. It’s gluten free, wheat free. Ticks all of the boxes. It’s so versatile. You can do anything  so much with it and we’ve got everything from sweet to savoury oat options. It can be made into such an interesting meal and helps to kick start and keep you going all day long.

If you’ve been out drinking the night before, you’ll be amazed at how porridge can help a hangover too! We’ve been to so many festivals now and people come up and tell us…

‘Oh my word you saved our lives. Your porridge has made me feel a 100x better’

It’s a positive mental start to the day. A healthy breakfast helps create a positive mentality for your day. Pastries are hard to resist but they are high in fat and you’ll feel hungry later. Start your day with porridge and you’ll feel satisfied for much longer.

Decisions… decisions… what should we choose when visiting Oatopia?

The staff are really chatty and friendly here so you are in good hands. We are all about the customer and try to meet our customer’s preferences so just ask us to help you. We have a regular who loves peanut butter, spinach, avocado and pesto in her bagel so we make it for her!

Our top seller at the moment is the Vegan porridge made with coconut milk and our most popular topping combo is agave syrup, desiccated coconut and strawberries.

Tropical delight porridge.jpg
Tropical Porridge

The last, the Banutty which is honey, banana and peanut butter.

Banutty porridge.jpg
Banutty Porridge

So we have our porridge, what else can we add to that?

People love our coffee. We make it with all kinds of milk – cows milk, almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk. Try the oat milk, it goes so well with coffee!

Latte art

If you don’t fancy a porridge then we have a wide selection of flapjacks. Our best sellers are the breakfast bar and the apple and cinnamon flapjack.

Breakfast bar

So tell us, what goes into creating your menu?

We are really experimental. We take a creative and experimental approach and will try all sort of things in porridge – avocado, beetroot, cheese, etc you name it!

Our  flapjacks are often inspired by british cakes such as almond bakewell and banoffee pie.

We are constantly developing new products and introducing specials to our menu to across porridges, bagels, fatjacks. We are hoping to also bring an oat risotto to the menu. It went down a storm at the festivals so we hope Croydon will welcome it too, fingers crossed give a go too.


What can we look forward to seeing from Oatopia next?

We are going be running some events. We’ve got a bike ride on November 19th run by our sponsored elite cyclist Jennifer George.


We’ll be continuing to run the catering vans at festivals and are open to the possibility of opening at another box park. We’ll see!

Competition Time

Fancy kick-starting your day with Oatopia? We’ve teamed up with our friends at Oatopia for your chance to win a breakfast with them. Keep an eye out  this week on our instagram for your chance to win.

Competition Ts&Cs 

All you have to do is:

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Follow @oatopia1
  3. Leave a comment with #oatopia

Competition will launch on Tuesday 14th November on the Croydon Foodies Instagram page. Prize draw will close on Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 12pm. Two winners will be selected at random. The lucky winner will have until the 31st January 2018 to claim their prize. The prize is the winner’s choice of a porridge or a bagel with a coffee. The winner must be based in the UK and able to redeem prize at Boxpark Croydon site only.





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