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We came across WeFiFo (‘We Find Food’) late last year and just loved the concept. From our experience we’d describe it as a mixture of Master Chef and Come Dine with Me. WeFiFo connects home cooks, supper club hosts and food skills event organisers with diners in their local community.

WeFiFo was founded in 2016 to bring a revolution to social eating. Going to restaurants can be fun but expensive. Even when sitting at a Wagamama style table striking up a conversation with other diners can be a bit awkward. The founder Seni Glaister says, “We want to be at the forefront of the social eating revolution that will see tens of thousands of people across the UK cooking for their neighbours and other guests who will quickly become new friends.”

We went to two WeFiFo events and here are our thoughts as newbies to supper clubs.

Papa L’s Kitchen – Sea food tasting menu

The Chef, Lawrence Gomez is one of the many professional Chef’s that host events on WeFifo. Lawrence started out as a kitchen hand at the iconic Ivy restaurant in London’s Covent Garden, where he spent the next 10 years training and working his way up to head chef of the private dining room. He wanted to develop his own food concept and flavours, creating something that would appeal to all, drawing on inspiration from his African heritage and giving it a modern twist.

We were treated to a 10 course tasting menu which blew our mind.


We have many favourites from the night including the Lobster bisque which left us yearning for more but that’s what happens with a tasting menu right? Our absolutely favourite has to be the Papa L’s grilled tiger prawns, very well seasoned.


Each dish was very well balanced and the Chef’s creativity shone through.

As well as the amazing food, we joined a table not knowing anyone and by the end of the night we were exchanging social media handles because exchanging numbers is so 1990s. What was quite unique about this experience is that a lot of the attendees came solo to experience the food.

Check out the video below of the event. Lawrence can be found on instagram – @papa_ls_kitchen

Ronnie Murray – Poshed Up Junk Food

We were really excited about attending this supper club. This was a 7 course menu with lots of creativity designed around junk food but with only the quality a professional chef could bring.

Ronnie was a great host with a great sense of humour. Ronnie Murray previously cooked as the Head Chef at the Hix and appeared on the BBC’s Great British menu. We were in for a treat.


We started with onion rings but these were no ordinary onion rings -red and white onion rings, seaweed salt, and saffron mayo. We wanted more but we needed to save space for the rest of the menu.

The dishes that best encapsulated the posh junk food concept were the fish o fillet which was had the fish wrapped in puff pastry with salmon eggs aka caviar. Then we had the ‘Big Mick’. Can you guess what that was a play on? The bun was a home-made brioche bun with two aged beef burgers and bacon welsh rarebit, yum yum and more yum.


Ronnie can be found on instagram – @chefronniem

Would we WeFiFo again?

Absolutely. The quality of food we had, you would be paying a lot more for in a restaurant. Both these events were BYOB (bring your own bottle) as well as having drinks you could buy from the venues. Again, another way to control costs.

If you want a stress-free experience without having to worry about poor service and giving up your table in 2 hours then supper clubs are definitely for you. We made some new friends at both events which amplified the social eating experience.


To reward you for your loyalty, WeFiFo award you cookies. You can start collecting them right away and once you’ve earned yourself 100 cookies, you can trade them for a £10 voucher to use as part or full payment for an event.

As well as eating out at a supper club , if you fancy yourself as a chef, you can also host. From home cooks to novice chefs all the way up to professional chefs, WeFiFo has it all. For aspiring chefs/cooks there are classes on offer – at the time of writing these include knife skills, bread making, sushi making and a whole lot more. You can find supper clubs and classes in locations up and down the country.

More information can be found on WeFiFo’s website www.wefifo.com


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