Tump – A nice hit!

We caught up with Anthony, founder of Tump. We first tried the drink after a good friend bought it around and told us we need to try it! Tump produce bottled cocktails in a variety of flavours.

Tell us how you got started?

I’ve always been interested in cocktails and creating generally. I’d always be asked to make a rum punch when going out with friends. I was off work for a bit and the weather was nice so decided to make cocktails. It got to a point where my friends said the cocktails were so good and kept asking me why don’t I sell it?

After I played around with the recipe to get the consistency of taste right, I decided to sell it via social media and it sold out quickly which surprised me.

I was doing this for a while and decided to make a real go of it and see if I can make a business out of it.

That sounds really good.

It’s fun but a lot of hard work because it’s just me doing it all. As time has gone on, I have developed the product and the branding. When we started we didn’t even sell the bottles with labels, it’s come a long way.

 WhatsApp Image 2018-06-12 at 18.47.41

We’ve managed to do parties and weddings and even supplied some restaurants. This is a part of the business I’m hoping to grow as well as selling directly to customers.

What flavours do you do?

We have a variety of flavours. The original flavour is the rum punch which is fruity and full of flavour. We also have pineapple & coconut. We currently have a special edition watermelon which sells out very quickly each time we do a run. The last flavour is ginger and citrus which isn’t sweet but one for the more mature crowd.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-12 at 18.47.42 (1)

We started with 70 CL bottles but recently moved to 200ml bottles which go down well as people can try more flavours.

What’s the vision?

Long term I want Tump to be the most consumed ready made cocktails in the country. We have been running since about 2014 and have grown steadily. To build the brand we want to put on our own events and see what other opportunities there are. Last year we were at Big J’s Street clash in Croydon and we’re hoping to do more of that kind of thing.

 How to order

Tump comes in 70cl for £15 or 3 for £40. If you want a quick hit they also have 200ml bottles(£25 for 5). Orders can be made via instagram(@officialtump), twitter (@ajtump) and email (ajandsonstump@gmail.com)

Social competition

For your chance to win all you have to do is:

1)Follow @officialTump on Instagram

2) Follow @Croydonfoodies on Instagram

3) Tag a friend

Competition is only open to residents in London. Once notified winner will have 48 hours to share contact details and from that point will have to redeem prize by 31st August 2018. Winner will need to meet Tump in person and agree time and date with supplier once winner is notified.


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